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In love with letters

In love with letters
on Apr 29, 2021
In love with letters
Reshma LR’s childhood had more books than toys. This is how she fell in love with languages, especially English. Reshma, a native of Ezhammile in the Kollam, has achieved a great milestone following her passion at a very young age, a place in India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records for attempting the maximum number of alliterations in a poem. The youngster, who is also a poet,  achieved the records by penning an anthology of the poem titled Alliterates which has a total of 78 alliteration lines from A to Z. The young literati published a book titled Unstrung Notes recently, an anthology of 75 poems on various topics. Her journey with writing started while she was pursuing her graduation course in English Literature at St Cyril’s College Adoor. Also read : https://www.frontlist.in/nandini-muralis-book-on-surviving-suicide-loss-is-an-important-read/
“I attached a handwritten poem titled ‘Light a rose with thorns, Life is full of thorns’ with my English literature assignment report by accident. My teacher found it and encouraged me to write more. Soon, I started a blog and posted my short poems there,” says Reshma.
Her friends suggested aiming for a record. “I had a collection of more than 100 poems. I was preparing for NET examinations when I came across alliteration, conspicuous repetition of identical initial consonant sounds in successive or closely associated syllables within a group of words, even those spelt differently. The poem Alliterates deals with failiures and success that happens in people’s lives” says Reshma. Her record-winning manuscript, Alliterates begins with the line, ‘Am I an apple abandoned by an ape’. Reshma has also published her work on her blog page. However, the MA English Literature student aims to conquer more heights in her tryst with literature, “My next attempt is to pen down a poem with the maximum number of acronyms. My dream is to become a writer who will emphasise our country’s culture and diversity through words,” she says. Source: https://www.newindianexpress.com/

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