IIT Bombay proposes antiviral surface designs that evaporate coronavirus faster

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Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Bombay has designed a surface that evaporates coronavirus faster than a glass or plastic. The researchers at IIT Bombay have designed macrotextures on surfaces to accelerate the evaporation of liquid from them. These surfaces can be used at medical facilities to provide a safe environment for the patients.

The finding by IIT Bombay is considered to be a good innovation for fighting COVID 19 in the long term. The surface designed by the researchers can expedite the evaporation of residual droplets carrying Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID 19, from surfaces.

Education Minister congratulated IIT Bombay researchers through his Tweet,”Researchers at @iitbombay have designed a surface on which the #COVID virus carrying residual droplets will evaporate faster than on glass or plastic. They designed microtextures on surfaces to accelerate the evaporation of liquid from them”.

COVID 19 primarily spreads when a person infected coughs or sneezes, and then the respiratory droplets containing are released into the air. However, the disease can also transmit via droplets settled on surfaces of the objects, often known as fomite transmission. The designs proposed by IIT Bombay researchers will surely help in minimizing the spread of coronavirus through fomite transmission.

IIT Bombay researchers have published their finding on the Physics of Fluids letter of the peer-reviewed journal. The title of the paper is designing antiviral surfaces to suppress the spread of COVID 19. The proposed design of antiviral surfaces that evaporates coronavirus faster by IIT Bombay will surely help check the spread of COVID in the coming days.

Source: timesnownews

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