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Frontlist | How to write, market and publish your own books for just $40

Frontlist | How to write, market and publish your own books for just $40
on Jan 04, 2021
Frontlist | How to write, market and publish your own books for just $40
Reading has been a favored pastime for literal centuries, and it’s seen a revitalization during the pandemic. TV and the internet may have you think otherwise, but the art of writing is still as cherished as it was in decades past; if anything, the digital world makes it easier for modern authors to thrive. Must-read titles such as these were released just this year, so by no means is it impossible to become a successful author. Simply reading a bestseller as opposed to writing one are two very different accomplishments, however. If you’d love to try your hand at this creative endeavor, you need proper writing mechanics and a good grasp of story and scene structure if you want to present your works in their best light. Additionally, you need to know how to get your books onto shelves and market them to generate interest. That’s where this Creative Writing Course Bundle comes in handy. Normally $802, you can enroll for $39.99, or 95% off. The Creative Writing Course Bundle contains 204 lessons designed for aspiring novelists who want to publish their own books someday. This program is provided by Centre of Excellence, an online training platform that has sold over 750 thousand courses to students all around the world. Students gave Centre of Excellence 4.8 out of 5 stars across 3,500+ reviews, making it one of the world’s leading providers of online training. The first step to becoming a bestselling author is improving your writing mechanics, and the Creative Writing Diploma Course will teach you how. Here, you’ll learn how to understand the mindset of professional writers while expanding your creativity. From there, you can dive into either the Novel Writing Diploma Course or Fantasy Writing Diploma Course to learn how to create believable characters and unbelievable settings. Finally, the Successful Self-Publishing Diploma Course covers the production, editing, and distribution of your books. Becoming a published author requires technical writing and marketing skills plus a whole lot of creativity. If you have the latter, The Creative Writing Course Bundle can teach you the rest. Grab it on sale today for just $39.99. Source: New York Post

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