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How Entrepreneur & No.1 Bestselling Author JJ Hebert is Reshaping Self-Publishing with MindStir Media

How Entrepreneur & No.1 Bestselling Author JJ Hebert is Reshaping Self-Publishing with MindStir Media
on Jun 21, 2021
How Entrepreneur & No.1 Bestselling Author JJ Hebert is Reshaping Self-Publishing with MindStir Media
At 37-years-old, J.J. Hebert already has 12 years under his belt as the CEO and Founder of MindStir Media, a leading self-publishing company based in the United States. MindStir Media started in 2009 with a $700 investment from J.J. himself, according to his official blog. Under his leadership, MindStir Media LLC has now assisted thousands of self-publishing authors through consultations and comprehensive self-publishing services, including author mentoring, book design, editing, distribution, book publicity, and marketing. His own books are No. 1 Amazon Best Sellers and have won 9 literary awards.

J.J. Hebert and MindStir Media partnered with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington in 2020

With MindStir Media trending upward, J.J. Hebert reached out to Kevin Harrington’s team in early 2020 and pitched his company. After many discussions and a stringent vetting process, Kevin Harrington officially endorsed MindStir Media as “the company authors can trust to bring their books to the next level.” The endorsement from Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington led to Kevin partnering with MindStir Media on unique self-publishing deals. According to MindStir Media’s website, Kevin Harrington will endorse qualified manuscripts that MIndStir Media brings to him. For those chosen books, Kevin Harrington will write the foreword and produce an endorsement video that will be heavily marketed on YouTube. That same endorsement package also guarantees that the participating author will become an Amazon Best Seller. In a recent interview with Digital Weekly, J.J. Hebert explained the value of this sort of opportunity for authors: “Partnering with Kevin Harrington was a natural fit,” said Hebert, founder of MindStir Media. “Having someone of Kevin’s caliber attach his name to an author’s book injects credibility into the project. Especially if an author or entrepreneur is new to publishing, it’s game-changing to associate a book product with an original Shark from Shark Tank. It can take a book from irrelevance to immense importance.”

The Kevin Harrington partnership resulted in a Hemingway coming on board

J.J. Hebert and Kevin Harrington didn’t stop with that first endorsement option. As per Vents Magazine, the partnership with Kevin Harrington created an opening to recruit Mariel Hemingway, Oscar-nominated actress and author. MindStir Media now offers authors an opportunity to get endorsed by a Hemingway -- Mariel Hemingway to be exact. Like Kevin Harrington with his own MindStir Media publishing option, Mariel Hemingway will write the foreword for select titles and film an endorsement video for promotional purposes.

J.J. Hebert’s work in book publishing has brought him plenty of accolades as a top entrepreneur

Last month, International Business Times recognized J.J. Hebert as “The Entrepreneur to Watch in 2021 for His Transformative Work in Self-Publishing.” The article summarizes the unique celebrity endorsement offerings that J.J. provides through MindStir Media and explains that he and his team are in talks with other celebrities who could potentially help authors and entrepreneurs elevate their brands. This month, Influencive published an article labeling J.J. Hebert one of the Top 5 Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2021. The article placed him in the same company as Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank and Jordan Belfort in terms of his success and industry influence. J.J. Hebert also writes for Entrepreneur and Forbes, focusing his content on self-publishing, book marketing, and entrepreneurship. He is also a member of the Forbes Business Council. Source: Yahoo

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