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Frontlist | “Hindi Mother of English: Believe or not?”: Title says it all

Frontlist | “Hindi Mother of English: Believe or not?”: Title says it all
on Dec 01, 2020
Frontlist | “Hindi Mother of English: Believe or not?”: Title says it all
Supreme Court lawyer Mahavir Bansal has written a book titled “Hindi Mother of English: Believe or not?” which covers almost 40 languages of the world including 22 Indian languages. The book is available online on Amazon Kindle and on Amazon and has been ranked 35 among the best-selling books by Amazon. The author describes that the book shall provide for a new era of language understanding, proximity and connectivity of world languages with Hindi-Sanskrit. “The most complex rule ‘Vowel between two consonants’ which has more exceptions than the rule has been fully reconciled i.e. without exception,” he said. He said that the whole world shall be a beneficiary and shall taste a new real relish and zest flavour of the language with real etymology. The following is an excerpt from the book which is divided into 14 voluminous chapters, 6 poems one on the USA (describing its geography, history and etymology of words) and contains 4000 pages. “We frequently use words e.g.: meaning, romance, time, finance, success , summon, warrant , republic and democracy (We the people of India…..republic democratic—–) can we express them in lucid word/s… Interesting for you: legal terminology which we find scary and confusing under screen of Latin, French, Hebrew etc. e.g. Res-Judi cata: Res(rassi/rope)+Judi (connected)+ cata/cut (disconnected): can not reconnect /re-litigate. Code =extensive legislation like  leprosy (seeming small but wide effect). Deponent: who swears : opposite of pone/75%=full(can not divert from statement). Forensic: foren/foreign=immediate : sic= learn else value (credibility) may change (foreign/aboard is a Sanskrit word).

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