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Hindi Literature and its Independent Publishing at Vani shines on Global Stage at London Book Fair 2024

Experience the debut of Hindi literature at London Book Fair 2024 with Vani Prakashan Group's captivating releases by Dr. Padmesh Gupta & Dame Asha Khemka.
on Mar 15, 2024
Hindi Literature and its Independent Publishing at Vani shines on Global Stage at London Book Fair 2024 | Frontlist

London, 13th March 2024 - The London Book Fair, renowned as one of the largest gatherings of publishers worldwide, witnessed a groundbreaking moment as Hindi literature made its debut on the international stage. Hosted by Hindi's biggest independent conglomerate Vani Prakashan Group (representing lists if Vani Prakashan, Bharatiya Jnanpith  and Yatra Books), India at the India Pavilion in Olympia, the event marked the release of two captivating books published by the group.

The highlight of the fair was the unveiling of "Dead End," a collection of short stories by Dr. Padmesh Gupta, an accomplished author based in Oxford. Garnering attention from an international audience, Dr. Gupta's work received accolades from esteemed authors and distinguished guests, who hailed the significance of Indian and Hindi literature on the global platform. Additionally, the autobiography of Dame Asha Khemka titled "India Made Me, Britain Enabled Me" added a compelling narrative to the event.

Expressing his gratitude, Dr. Padmesh Gupta remarked, "Hindi, being the third most spoken language globally and with Bollywood reigning as the second largest film industry, it's high time Hindi literature receives the international recognition it deserves. I hope this event sets a precedent for greater acknowledgment of Hindi literature on global platforms in the future."

Aditi Maheshwari, Executive Director of Vani Prakashan Group, India, described the event as a historic milestone, emphasising the significance of showcasing Hindi literature on an international scale. She highlighted the fact that in the group's sixty first year, the vision of the Chairman Arun Maheshwari to strengthen the Hindi footprint globally is finally shaping up. As the first  ever Hindi publishing house to host an independent exhibition, international rights catalogue and book launches of the prominent Hindi voices from the UK is nothing short of a leap of faith.

Renowned personalities in the literary world lauded Dr. Gupta's work, with Steve Hartley, a senior journalist from Oxford, praising "Dead End" for its emotional depth and powerful storytelling. Similarly, Paul Gustafson, a respected author and television presenter, commended Dr. Gupta's ability to connect with readers on a profound level.

Anamika, an acclaimed author and Sahitya Academy winner, praised Dr. Gupta's interpretation of philosophical concepts in "Dead End," highlighting its relevance and depth.

Reflecting on Dame Asha Khemka's autobiography, Dr. Gupta emphasised the inspirational journey depicted therein, underscoring the importance of determination and vision in overcoming challenges.

In her response, Dame Asha Khemka expressed gratitude for the support she received throughout her journey, acknowledging the pivotal role played by her husband, Dr. Shankar Khemka.

Divya Mathur, an internationally renowned Hindi author, congratulated the publishers, organizers, and authors involved, noting Dr. Gupta's maturity as a writer influenced by his diverse experiences and international exposure.

Earlier, Diana Munoz, a lecturer at the Oxford Business College, commended Dr. Gupta's literary prowess, extending beyond the English language, solidifying his status as a luminary of contemporary literature.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Shikha Varshney, a prominent Hindi writer and journalist, expressing gratitude to the organisers, publishers, and guests for their invaluable contributions.

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