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Harper’s Library raises over 2,500 books for students

Harper’s Library raises over 2,500 books for students
on Apr 19, 2021
Harper’s Library raises over 2,500 books for students
The Harper's Library book drive is ramping up the number of books it is raising for local schools. 2000 books were raised for Calvin Coolidge Elementary School with the program and over 500 have been raised for Horace Mann. Organizer Liz Turner says the program can be a force for good in the community. Its a great way to honor the memory of Harper and to help kids read and escape the hard times that COVID is still having on people, she said. Turner says that they've had an abundance of picture books for younger children donated. She says she now needs more books for children of higher reading levels. To get more chapter books at that 4th and 5th grade reading level would really help out the library and these kids. She says her program is focusing on getting children books from diverse perspectives, to allow kids to see themselves in the characters they read about. The drive will run throughout May and Turner says she hopes to get as many books for children as possible. It would be amazing to get 1000 books for [Horance Mann], she said. Source: https://wbng.com/ 

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