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Guadalajara, Mexico to Host 34th International Publishers Congress: Early-Bird Registrations Now Open

Join the global publishing community at the 34th International Publishers Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico. Early-bird registrations now open until March 31, 2024!
on Dec 07, 2023
Guadalajara, Mexico to Host 34th International Publishers Congress: Early-Bird Registrations Now Open | Frontlist

In a grand finale to the 33rd International Publishers Congress held in Jakarta, Indonesia, the spotlight turned to Guadalajara, Mexico, as the distinguished host for the upcoming 34th International Publishers Congress slated to take place from December 4th to 6th, 2024.

The announcement was made by Laura Prinsloo, Chair of the Jakarta Congress Organizing Committee, who expressed gratitude to the dedicated team that meticulously orchestrated the Jakarta event over the past two years. Passing the torch to the next host city, Prinsloo, alongside Jakarta City Government and Arys Hilman, President of IKAPI, officially handed over the International Publishers Association (IPA) flag to Hugo Setzer, President of the Mexican Publishers Association.

In a symbolic gesture, Setzer acknowledged the responsibility bestowed upon Guadalajara, remarking, "Thank you for handing me this flag and the responsibility that comes with it. Boy, you have set the bar pretty high. We are going to have to work pretty hard now in Mexico to produce such a fantastic Congress as this Jakarta Congress has been." Setzer then extended a warm invitation to attendees, urging them to mark their calendars for December 4th to 6th, 2024, and experience the vibrant city of Guadalajara.

Guadalajara: A Cultural Oasis

Guadalajara, a city synonymous with cultural richness and heritage, will play host to the global publishing community. Renowned for the Feria Internacional del Libro (FIL), the largest book fair in the Spanish-speaking world, Guadalajara annually transforms into a literary haven attracting authors, publishers, and book enthusiasts from across the globe. The 34th International Publishers Congress, set against the backdrop of FIL in 2024, promises a unique convergence of literary excellence and international collaboration.

Theme: Turning Pages - Publishing and the Future Society

The Congress theme, "Turning Pages: Publishing and the Future Society," captures the essence of the event. An emblematic Agave Plant, symbolizing Guadalajara and its state, Jalisco, emerges from the turning pages of an open book. The Agave, derived from the Greek word meaning "admirable or noble," represents not just a plant but a cultural icon deeply rooted in Mexican heritage.

Exploring the Agave's historical significance, the article delves into its origin around 8 million years ago and the diverse benefits it provided to early agricultural societies in Mexico. From food (Maguey worm) to textile fibers (Ixtle) and iconic beverages (Tequila, Mezcal, Bacanora, Pulque), the Agave plant becomes a symbol of resilience and adaptability, mirroring the publishing industry's evolution.

Early-Bird Registrations Now Open

To facilitate participation, early-bird registration is available, offering a discounted solo entry fee of 800 USD and a duo entry fee of 1200 USD. Act fast, as the early-bird prices are valid until March 31, 2024. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with the global publishing community and contribute to the discourse on the future of publishing in the enchanting city of Guadalajara.

As the countdown begins to the 34th International Publishers Congress, the publishing world eagerly anticipates the convergence of minds, ideas, and innovation in the heart of Mexico. 

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