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Frontlist | Start with ‘what do I want?’

Frontlist | Start with ‘what do I want?’
on Mar 16, 2021
Frontlist | Start with ‘what do I want?’
HYDERABAD: Unconditional self-love is accepting yourself just the way you are and loving yourself by building your self-worth and self-confidence day by day, says debut writer Madhavi Raju. As this new Hyderabadi writer gears up to launch her book Unconditional Self Love this month, she says that she believes the experiences she has had in her life are what qualifies her to write the book. This 35-year-old postgraduate from KPHB, Hyderabad, says that her book talks about being okay with ones imperfections and focusing on all the wonderful things in ourselves. “We all are busy trying to get acceptance from others, but it is not about getting acceptance from others. It is about giving acceptance to yourself and I have given simple tools and techniques in my book that are easy and will make you love yourself unconditionally.” About what prompted her to write on self love and the experiences that made her write about this elaborately, Madhavi says, “I am a simple girl from a simple middle-class Indian family. When you are from such a family you are told to always focus on giving to others rather than trying to understand yourself. I grew up to be a confused individual not knowing if I should listen to others or listen to what my heart wants and I see many people living in this same confusion. I have been coaching people for the past few years on getting the clarity they need in their life. After coaching around 2,000+ people all around the world. I have come up with my book which speaks about the experiences of many people and how they have transformed their lives.” About the kind of research one needs to be able to touch upon this subject, the writer says, “I have been coached by many mentors who have changed my life, after which I became a strong confident person. This knowledge I wanted to put in my book that people will benefit from.” A certified lifestyle coach and self-help coach, a lot of her personal experiences too feature in her book published by Notion Press which will help the reader relate to her. “They can understand that if I can become the person I am, they can do that too.” Many urban folks find it hard to juggle careers with family and are left with no time for themselves. Many of them don’t know what is self love and that investing time in their life is as important as breathing. “Unless they don’t understand this key thing they can never understand someone else completely. This is the reason why some men, and many women, tend to put others before themselves and constantly feel they are dominated,” she says. Typically self-love would be a pampering session in a spa or some retail therapy. What are the other crucial things one should indulge in, to be able to feel loved by themselves? “Pampering yourself is definitely self-love and I do visit the spa frequently and pamper myself. But unconditional self love is understanding yourself and loving your inner being completely. The book has  tools and techniques which to pamper your soul and bring out the person you are truly meant to be.” Falling madly in love with oneself is to have a healthy relationship with oneself and that begins with understanding, What do I want? “People are confused about what they want and are just going with the flow of life. My book talks about how you can be less judgemental and more appreciative of yourself and also how doing things that make you happy will help you become a happier more satisfied person in life,” she concludes.

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