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Frontlist Spotlight Session on "Author - A Profession Of Creativity"

on Feb 25, 2022

Watch this informative spotlight session where our panelists, Ms. Pooja Misra, Mr. Gaurav Gupta, and Ms. Aparnaa Jadhav, talk on this interesting topic- “Author- A Profession of Creativity”. 

Key points raised in the discussion are as follow below:

1. The panelists described what creativity is all about to the authors. 

2. Few authors discussed how creativity comes naturally to people. 

3. Creativity is the utmost important part while writing something irrespective of whatever the trend is going on. 

4. The panelists gave some interesting tips and tricks to all the budding writers out there. 

5. All the authors poured some fascinating tips to become a good storyteller.

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