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Frontlist | Comics You Should Read Even if You're Skipping DC's Event

Frontlist | Comics You Should Read Even if You're Skipping DC's Event
on Jan 11, 2021
Frontlist | Comics You Should Read Even if You're Skipping DC's Event
Even if you're not following the Future State event, there's no doubt that there are some break out comics on the lineup that you don't want to miss. DC's Future State event has finally begun, and with it has come exciting new characters, stories, and artwork to fill fans' shelves. Considering the sheer amount of comics set to be released over the next two months, it will be an uphill climb for any reader to get around to every issue, but so far there are a couple titles that are standing out ahead of the pack. Some fans may be waiting to see what kind of buzz forms around the books being released to see which ones are worth their time and money. To a super fan, all of them might end up being worth it, but to the people who don't have the kind of time (or money) to invest in following every single story, they'll probably be looking for the scoop on which titles are shaping up to be particularly enthralling. So, here's what's been catching people's eyes so far. Future State: Wonder Woman #1 Future State: Wonder Woman #1 gets the first call out because of the sheer amount of excitement it's been bolstering since its release. The creative team behind this book, Joëlle Jones and Jordie Bellaire, have brought readers not only a unique artistic flare and stunning imagery that rivals pretty much anything else on the shelves at the moment, but also a story to match it. This book isn't just for the comic book lover or the DC fanatic. This is for anyone who loves Greek and Brazilian mythology, strong characters with a lot of personality and relatable traits, and a story that keeps you wanting more. Now, for fans of the original Wonder Woman, the well known Diana Prince, be aware that Yara Flor is more her opposite than a mirror image. This doesn't means fans of classic Wonder Woman won't like the newbie holding the title; quite the contrary. Yara is a powerhouse and seems to be teaming with just as much promise as her Amazon sister. Although she may be just a bit more hot-headed. She's also got an adorable Pegasus as a sidekick that's sure to add an extra factor of adoration for those readers that get excited by new animal characters with enough personality to compliment their human counterparts. Odds are that if even one of the characteristics above catches your eye, you'll find something to enjoy in this newest release, Future State follower or no. Future State: The Next Batman #1 The reason The Next Batman has earned itself a place on the list is due to the sheer amount of story being told throughout its pages and the manner in which it finds a way to connect three separate stories without losing sight of clarity and linearity. Although there was a lot going on in this issue, shifting focus between multiple different congruent stories, the writers still somehow managed to keep it from being confusing. Not only does this book tell the story of the next Batman, it also includes Future State: Outsiders and Future State: Arkham Knights. Readers get three dosages of Gotham mayhem in one book. One may think that this would just make it absolutely impossible to follow, but instead it just provides three different perspectives on the mayhem that has overtaken Gotham in the wake of Bruce Wayne's supposed demise. Fans are introduced to this era's new Batman - a vigilante that no longer holds the same semblance of hope the title used to bring with it - in a world where the Magistrate's fascism is suffocating society. Then readers are transported to the world outside of the city, a place supposedly off-limits to the grasp of Magistrate's forces, but where freedom is teetering on a very precarious edge. Lastly, is the story of the Arkham Knights, a group of escaped Arkham asylum residents who are led by none other than Astrid Arkham herself. It follows them as they band together in order to kill, ravage, and rid Gotham of the fascist overlords who have plagued their city. This book is something to read for anyone who enjoys the darker side of comics - the grimier, less polished world where it isn't all happy endings. It's a world where darkness reigns and hope only lives on in those labeled as villains by society and the law. Future State: Harley Quinn #1 Last shout out from this first bunch of Future State releases is Future State: Harley Quinn #1. Dr. Harleen Quinzel has been getting a lot of coverage lately, and there's a reason for it. Over the past couple years of comics and films, she's finally been able to start forming her own life and story separate from the Joker. She's proven to be smarter than she puts on and continues to be a complex and interesting character. There are always new facets to her character ready to explore, and this newest book is no different. Set in the same Gotham as The Next Batman, a Harley on the run is captured by a reborn Scarecrow. Though now he doesn't hide behind his mask or moniker. He is Dr. Jonathan Crane and has found himself climbing the ranks of the Magistrate to see a new Gotham he believes will be better for everyone, including Miss Quinzel. And in this dark and twisted future, Crane sees Harley as his new weapon; hoping that the part of her brain that got her doctorate is still there and willing to help him take down those criminals he has been unsuccessful in defeating on his own. This book is proving once again that Harley Quinn is more than just a clown with a bat. She's got a brain to boot. She knows human psychology, whether she's 100% sane herself or not. Phillips, Di Meo, and Bonvillain have provided fans with a story which may just allow Harley Quinn to re-affirm her intellectual abilities, and possibly separate herself further from the Joker. It could also once again place her walking the line between what is good and bad, working with the oppressive Magistrate, but doing so to take down those that are committing injustices. This could be a huge turn in her own story and self-agency that could even possibly have ramifications beyond the Future State event. Of course, the decision as to which comics are most worth it will be based on preferences and biases readers have already formed, so this is merely a subjective perspective on the recent releases. For instance, Future State: The Flash proved to be a worthy read for any fans with an emotional attachment to Wally's version of The Flash. Future State: Superman of Metropolis is a go-to for those readers who have followed the Man of Steel's journey closely and are worried about how his legacy will hold up in the hands of his son. Plus, this is just the first of the Future State lineup to be released so far. There are many, many more books and stories to come that could prove to be even more exciting than these. Only time will tell, but these few releases are a good place to start for anyone worried about missing anything worthy by not following the event in its entirety. Now, let's see what the future of Future State has to hold as more releases are prepped to hit the shelves this week. Source: Screen Rant

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