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Frontlist | Digital Golgappa picks the most impactful books in modern literature

Frontlist | Digital Golgappa picks the most impactful books in modern literature
on Feb 16, 2021
Frontlist | Digital Golgappa picks the most impactful books in modern literature
Digital Golgappa aims to provide the best marketing services to each of its clients and brands. It aims to provide world-class digital marketing services and options to clients based on their budgets and requirements. Books greatly influence the way we think and live. Having worked with several authors, Digital Golgappa is also associated with Cherry Book Awards as their digital partner. From bestselling authors like Saranya Umakanthan, Ruchika Yadav, Sonia Sahijwani, Abhishek Ghosh, Pragya Gogoi, Juhi Jaisinghani, Arundhati Sahoo, and Abhishek Kapoor to brewing talents like Colby Sharma, Namita Das, Rubal Choudhary, Vijeyta Panjwani, Aryansh Arora, Digital Golgappa recently picked some of the most impactful books in modern literature that everyone must definitely read. Yours Legally by Sonia Sahijwani The young aspirant lawyer Sia's fictional character is based on Sonia herself and has become quite famous among the readers. This bestseller from the legal short story genre has reached heights with multiple awards. Audio version and Hindi translations are also available to share the real-life based judicial narratives with the common man. One Day, Life Will Change by Saranya Umakanthan Published by Fingerprint Publishers, this inspiring romance has gone through multiple reprints and has become a bestseller with its inspiring title and a story that exhibits positivity. This emotional tale speaks about love, hope, and dreams. The Curveball: A Story of Grit, Adversity, and Winning the Game of Life by Colby Sharma Colby Sharma, son of Robin Sharma, is a Canadian LLB graduate and author. The Curveball by him is the inspiring, enthralling, transformational story of a struggling man who used time-tested sense and convincing daily tactics to accomplish a massive turnaround and emerged as a successful baseball player. It shows how to turn defeat into victory and doubt into confidence. And Thus She Changed by Ruchika Yadav Just like Ruchika, a Sales Manager with a German MNC, the protagonist of this book is a young, ambitious lady at the peak of her career. Looking for more success, she also balances a life of contentment with her husband and son till practical complications crumble her dream world. Life is not a bed of roses. Do read this tale of letting go of acceptance and growth, of making the most of what is available, and picking up the pieces to rebuild and regenerate. Not so academic lessons by Vijeyta Panjwani While we all live through the hustle of life, with some short-lived excitements and certain too dragged moments of guilt, we realize there is too much more existing in the Universe, ready to teach us the ways to solve this maze of life and 'The Not So Academic Lessons' (by 15-year-old Vijeyta) is all about how an emphasis on them can imbibe in us the skill to live excitingly and still reach our desired destinations or at least drive on the road to them! It certainly is the daily dose of motivation and guide to success. The Paradise Conflict by Abhishek Ghosh Abhishek, a professional working in the banking and finance sector, has penned down this remarkably intriguing novel. What will happen if the water is scarce and the world is put under control by a Civil Imperial Regime? People shot dead, imprisoned, or forced into labor camps for entering the surviving water bodies. The Rebels and the tribes get together to topple the rulers. What lies ahead is extremely interesting to know. Whispers of Nyctophile by Pragya Gogoi Bagging seven felicitations within five months, Whispers of a Nyctophile is a beautiful collection of poetry bringing out a plethora of emotions of love, heartbreak, strength, nostalgia, patriotism, harsh realities plaguing the world, and the beauty of nature, all under one roof. It contains long and short poems for people from diverse walks of life, and the vocabulary is strong. It’s punny. Oops, I mean funny by Namita Das Namita is a software analyst turned author, and she loves writing humor. The protagonist Anu wanted to write a bestseller, but all she did not have was a plot! One day, while she was formulating an article, her husband joked at her scramble but gave her a brilliant idea of penning down stories about her own life. Full of wit and sarcasm, this one is going to entertain the readers to the core. Identity: A Mere Play of Gender, Status, and Aesthetics by Arundhati Sahoo The management professional Arundhati's debut novel speaks of two protagonists and their journey to finding out who they really are and what they want to do. One being a eunuch who gets barred from the language and society due to gender, the other being a prostitute who is barred from her brothel as she is termed old for her profession. In the world of criticism and dejection, the couple marches ahead to introspect and search for their identity. Unlocking the lockdown stories by Juhi Jaisinghani When life gives you lemons, make lemonade is what Juhi believes in and has penned stories depicting the positive side of the lockdown through characters like a passionless software engineer who lost his job, a couple trying to revamp their almost broken marriage, an orphan desiring solace, and so on. Optimism brims through her writings and inspires people during the pandemic. Kis ki Sunne by Aryansh Arora Felicitated with Vajra world record for having two poems on each topic and published by BookSquirrel Publication, Aryansh Arora's Kis ki Sunne talks about the mindset of having two opinions about things. Sometimes both are positive, and sometimes vice versa. Hindi poetry coupled with easy language makes it an interesting read indeed. The Pride of t20 cricket by Abhishek Kapoor The best mix of comedy and cricket, this book is a delight to all. It has a unique record of being a national bestseller not once, or twice, but on several occasions. The story of a controversial cricket coach, his team of rookies, and the romance between his daughter and opposite team captain Zorawar, has fully entertained all the readers. Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist was involved in the creation of this content. Source: Hindustan Times

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