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Frontlist | CBSE board exams delay draws mixed reaction from students

Frontlist | CBSE board exams delay draws mixed reaction from students
on Jan 08, 2021
Frontlist | CBSE board exams delay draws mixed reaction from students

While some hail the extra time, others welcome the delayed boards as they are in sync with the entrance tests. Teachers are worried about the practicals, delayed admissions, and overlapping of classes. Here is a look at responses from stakeholders n delayed board exams

The Union Education Ministry’s decision to conduct the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examinations for Classes 10 and 12 from May 4 to June 10 has drawn mixed reactions from the student community. While some believe the move would give them more time to prepare, others are apprehensive that it may lead to another delayed session. Some students also expressed concern over practical exams despite schools being shut through most parts of the academic session. Here’s what students and teachers said: Glad that boards have been postponed When classes started online, we were not taking them seriously because we thought it would be over soon and we will be back to our classes. Now that the board exams have been announced, we have got serious and preparations are in full swing. Having boards at a later date is a relief to me and my friends. I want to get 95 per cent at least to get through a good college. Even as my aim is to study investment banking at the Delhi University for which I have to clear an entrance examination, scoring good marks will secure admission to any college. I am, however, not happy with more number of MCQs as in subjects like accountancy and mathematics, MCQs mean having to work as much for one marker and not getting any step marking in case the answer does not match to that of any given options. With more time at hand, I will practice more mock tests. Delayed board to affect university admissions Since board exams have now been pushed till June, the domino effect will be a rescheduling of entrance exams, and thus a delay in admission processes as well. It will be difficult for students who had their career plans in place and were hoping to start their journeys at some of the best universities in India or abroad. This will upset their plan and add to the pressure of coping with university admission entrance exams which take place around May and June. This can also be taken in a positive light, as students who have been preparing for board examinations for the last few months can now dedicate time to secure admissions at some of the leading private universities, which have already started with their admissions for 2021. Practical exams are a source of worry I am preparing for the engineering entrance exam (JEE). I would appear for the earlier attempts and be free before the board exams. If you are preparing for the entrance test, then most of the syllabus of class 10 and 12 is covered. I only have to prepare as per the new exam pattern. While the theory aspect is covered, there is no clarity on the practical exams. Since the schools have been shut so far, I hope that before the exams we get to visit the campus and prepare for them. Meanwhile, the syllabus cut has been easy for me as we will have to prepare less. It would be a relief for students who could not access quality education through online mode. This is a test of time, the competition to rise I had already started my preparations thinking that the exams will be held in March. Now, I will slow down my fast-paced preparation. However, there still is no time to lose. With more time to practice, the competition is likely to rise too. I want to get at least 96 per cent marks as I am aiming for DU, I will use this time to revise and work on sample papers. I wish my school reopens before exams as subjects like accounts and maths require face-to-face learning. All our grades have gone down this year due to online learning. We would have to work hard to ensure this does not happen during the board exams. Concerns over overlapping of classes, exam during hot summer While the decision is a welcome move, the timing of the exams in the hot month of May would be a concern for students. The timing of exams should be decided to keep in mind the tropical areas. The next board exams will be on full syllabus and they might not be delayed so the current class 11 which will move to class 12 in about April would be run simultaneously with the present batch of class 12 students. We would have to run online batches or ensure management for both batches. Source: The Indian Express

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