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Frontlist Books | Bestselling author Meg Cabot releases new book

Frontlist Books | Bestselling author Meg Cabot releases new book
on Aug 17, 2020
Frontlist Books | Bestselling author Meg Cabot releases new book

Bestselling author Meg Cabot just released a new novel. Titled 'No Offence' the book is a romance and a mystery.

The book isn't a young adult novel like her usual books but an adult book. It follows Molly Montgomery, a woman who is the public library’s head of children’s services. One day she finds a baby abandoned in the restroom and she's determined to figure out why. However, the Sheriff who comes to investigate is convinced it's a crime. The two seem to get on each others nerves but now have to work together. Having a man in uniform as a male lead seems controversial given the anti-police protests that have been happening in America but Cabot explains that she tries to explain how her brothers inspired it. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly she explained It's something I was thinking about before because I have a brother who's a police sergeant and I also have a brother who's adopted who's Black, so this is a conversation that has been going on in my family for a long time, she says. My brother and I have had long discussions about this way before the George Floyd murder. The coupling is also interesting because the Sheriff, John, is a parent while Molly isn't. The book can be read as a stand alone but is set in the same fictional town as her last book ' No Judgments', so it could be counted as a series, though it's about separate characters. The town is based on the Key West as are the crimes in the book. Meg Cabot is best known as the author of the Princess Diaries book series which was also had two movie adaptations. She's written several popular YA and adult novels and is also one of the writers for the Black Canary Series for DC Comics. The book released on 11th August 2020.

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