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The sequel, titled Malorie, like the protagonist, will be out on July 21, and as the name suggests will focus on the character


Josh Malerman, author of the 2014 post-apocalyptic novel Bird Box, is all set to come out with a sequel. His debut work centered on creatures who could wreck havoc if seen and was later made into a film headlined by actor Sandra Bullock. The sequel, titled Malorie, like the protagonist, will be out on July 21, and as the name suggests, will focus on the character. Malerman asserted the same in a report in Hollywood Reporter.

“Sitting down to write Malorie the book almost felt like it was for her or it was her time. It felt less like I was writing a sequel to Bird Box and more like I was putting a spotlight on a character that I cherish through a life of writing so far,” he told Hollywood Reporter.

In an interview with Inverse, the author shed light on what the sequel holds for fans. “Malorie opens at the school for the blind, which is where the movie ends. Then it jumps a few years later, and it really takes off 10 years after that.” He further added that he took a similar amount of time to draft the sequel and hinted that Bullock might reprise the role.

“It took about the same amount of time. I was also aware that there was a possibility that Sandra Bullock wouldn’t be playing Malorie. When you first start writing novels, especially now, how do you not see them cinematically? We grew up on movies. So with Bird Box, I always saw it cinematically. It almost reads like stage directions. It felt the same writing Malorie, but I didn’t have Sandra Bullock in mind when I wrote the first one.”
Source: Indian Express

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