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Frontlist | An Author, Harjeet Kaur Sehmi Has Been Awarded With Numerous Laurels.

Frontlist | An Author, Harjeet Kaur Sehmi Has Been Awarded With Numerous Laurels.
on Mar 11, 2021
Frontlist | An Author, Harjeet Kaur Sehmi Has Been Awarded With Numerous Laurels.
An author, Harjeet Kaur Sehmi has a tremendous record of winning numerous awards and has gained a lot of recognition throughout her career. A gifted author, she is rightly known as the “beauty with brains”. Doing justice to her talent and the field of literature, Harjeet Kaur Sehmi has recently penned down a book, ‘Bas Zazbaaton Ke Alfaaz’ that consists of up to 50 Hindi poems. Handpicked and crafted well, the poems in her book give an exquisite presentation of her work and that is the reason why she is so well-renowned in the field. An author and a world record holder, she has done tremendous work. Having been awarded several awards like the National Award, World Record from Wonderbook, Genius Book Record of India, National Award from the North Delhi Culture, and several other accolades, she is undoubtedly one of the most talented authors in the country has ever seen. Hailing from a small town of Rajasthan, India, she has paved her way to the top. Thanks to her willpower and determination, she has given a lot to the field and her contribution is undoubtedly priceless! Penning down several pieces for her readers, she has helped her readers explore an altogether new world of literature. Ever since she was a child, she was inclined towards literature and always found her soul cheering up when she had to use words to express herself. Now that Harjeet Kaur Sehmi has built a career out of her passion, she feels ecstatic to have succeeded in her life. When asked about how satisfied she is with her profession, she says that while some people struggle with their careers and feel severed from their passion, people like her have been granted the gift of enjoying their passion and profession at the same time. Inspiration for her juniors and a matter of pride for her mentors, she believes that one should believe in oneself before trying to fulfill anyone else’s expectations. If one tries to row a boat with no will in their heart, then the whole purpose gets wasted and people feel let down. Perhaps before taking up any purpose in life, an individual should feel connected with it and be ready from within. When asked to give a piece of advice to those who follow her works closely, she says, “Life is a book where our words can be equated to our actions. Act accordingly and follow your instincts before stepping on a new road of life!” Revealing her mantra to success, Harjeet Kaur Sehmi spills the secret to her professional stardom. While consistency, determination, and willpower are on everyone’s list, she pays due emphasis on exploring one’s purpose in their actions and not letting their spirit die. As she continues to rock her job as an author, she says that it is her undying purpose of finding a new secret about her profession every day that keeps her going and growing! Such a mantra is what makes her the best of all!  Connect with Harjeet Kaur Sehmi on Instagram - @authorharjeetkaursehmi   Read more: https://www.frontlist.in/frontlist-blaine-author-pens-new-mystery-novel-set-in-seattle/

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