From the United States: Claims of copyright infringement continue against the Internet Archive

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The International Federation of Publishers has received reports that publishers and authors are closely monitoring a major lawsuit filed in the United States by member companies of the American Publishers Association against the Internet Archive for deliberate and systematic copyright infringement.

This lawsuit has been pending since June 1, 2020 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, and the litigation is now at the point of fact-finding. The case outlines Internet Archive practices such as scanning and publicizing full-fledged literary works and distributing them through global companies called Open Library and National Emergency Library, to the detriment of existing traditional markets for publishers, both in print and digital, through commercial and non-commercial channels . The Internet Archive has reproduced nearly 1.3 million scans of print books and made them accessible to a worldwide audience, including recent works, copyright fiction and non-fiction, thrilling stories, and children’s books.

It seems that the massive infringement of copyright by the Internet Archive, according to the complaint of members of the American Publishers Association, with the aim of continuing to expand the scope of its illegal activity, will make these sites one of the largest book piracy sites in the world. The Internet Archive reports millions of dollars in revenue each year, including financial programs to support design violations



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