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Floating Book Fair Provides Guests with a New Reading Experience

Explore the world's largest floating book fair, Doulos Hope, in Phnom Penh from June 5 to July 4. Discover 2,000 books in Khmer and English. Open Tues-Sun!
on Jun 11, 2024
Floating Book Fair Provides Guests with a New Reading Experience | Frontlist

The world's largest floating book fair, Doulos Hope, moored in Phnom Penh Autonomous Port for the first time last week and is proving to be a hit with visitors. From June 5 to July 4, the ship-borne book expo is open Tuesday through Sunday from 12:30pm to 7:30pm. It's closed on Mondays.

Book fair participant Keo Kounila stated that she enjoys reading books and that when she received information about the book fair on social media, she invited a friend to accompany her.

"I believe this is a new experience. I'm used to seeing books sold at marketplaces or bookstores, but this is a floating ship that is touring Cambodia as well as other countries," she explained.

Kounila believes that Cambodians should visit the floating book fair to see if there are any new books that might help them develop themselves, because reading is vital and people should be able to learn new things through books.

Janice Apostol, a Filipina who attended the floating book fair, agreed with Kounila.

"I'm glad Doulus Hope is here today because I went to the floating book fair when it was in the Philippines. I am thrilled that Cambodians and other countries can visit this ship. "It's a good experience," she explained.

Rin Vey, a volunteer on the Doulos Hope, explained, "Having a book fair on a boat is unique to Cambodians because there has never been one like it here before. The sale of books aboard the boat attracts young people and encourages children to read."

She said she wants to host an exhibition like this every year because it is a really good way to attract people to come and see the books, especially youngsters aged 3-18 years old.

Doulos Hope has a large selection of books that the public can read for free or purchase to take home. The ship includes around 2,000 books in Khmer and other foreign languages, albeit the majority are in English.

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