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Five Ways To Reuse Your Old Books

Five Ways To Reuse Your Old Books
on Jul 05, 2021
Five Ways To Reuse Your Old Books
When you refuse to reuse, its the earth that you abuse This quote really depicts how it is so important to reuse everything, And if you are a book worm you must have so many old books to reuse, so there are 5 ways to reuse your old book following below:
A Clock
What better way to keep track of time in style than an upcycled book clock? You can add panache to your décor for little to no cost by creating this sophisticated piece which friends are sure to ask about.
 A Cover for Your eReader or Tablet
When art meets necessity, it’s a beautiful thing. Such is the case with a book-turned-tablet-cover. Why purchase a cover that every average Joe has when you can create your own one of a kind piece of art?
Book Art
Art can be rather expensive. Instead of being one of the millions of students that has a John Lennon, Bob Marley, Anne Geddes (just kidding) poster hanging, why not create your own custom artwork out of book pages? You have a choice here: be one in a million or be one of the millions. What’s it going to be?
A Scrapbook or JournalS
Scrapbooks and journals are personal items that we cherish, so why do we purchase them at the store? Make yours even more personalized by creating it from scratch out of an old book. You could even create one as a gift for a friend or loved one.
 Book Picture Frames
Everyone has plenty of picture frames around of happy memories. As long as you keep creating memories (and I’m sure you will) there will always been a need for more frames. The next time you have a photo you’d like to frame, consider creating a book photo frame rather than purchasing a generic frame at the store. Trust me, it will take on more meaning that way and you can tailor the frame’s look to the photo you’re displaying. SOURCE - FASTWEB

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