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As audiobooks became the latest reading trend in book publishing, CooTek developed Fengdu Audiobook, a new feature incorporated in Fengdu Novel app to meet the evolving needs of readers. Fengdu Novel, as a dark horse in the free online novel app market, is putting more effort into improving the quality of audiobook content production and providing greater enjoyment to its readers.

Exquisite reading and listening experiences come from high-quality content. Fengdu Novel put down roots in producing original content. Through various supporting guides and the establishment of a unique data-driven analytics tool for writers, the output of high-quality online literature remains impressive. There are three main characteristics of Fengdu Audiobook: experienced narrators to ensure a measured tone and vivid delivery; personalized settings such as playback, speed control, and selection of narrators; in addition, Fengdu Audiobook is equipped with AI technology which supports auto-conversion of texts into audiobooks.

Fengdu Audiobook not only broadens the various content forms, but also allows users to fully feel the enjoyments of online literature across multiple scenarios. Audiobook, as a trend of reading, allows readers to enjoy novels without looking at the screen and sets their hands free. It is a convenient option when commuting, working out and doing housework, etc. As Fengdu Audiobook helps to utilize fragmented time and relieve people from pressure, it is becoming more popular among readers.


Source: PR Newswire

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