Frontlist | Elvira Guzman launches Children’s Suicide Prevention Book

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Elvira Guzman is releasing a children’s book to help lower the child & teen suicide rate.

With all of the chaotic headlines in the news and the current Covid-19 pandemic, it’s a great time to bring a little levity and joy back into the lives of the general public. Elvira Guzman intends to do just that by releasing her 4th book, “The Day You Left.”

Ms. Guzman decided to write this book because the suicide rate amongst children & young teens is up an alarming 80%, and she wanted to do something about it. Her intent is to uplift kids who are suicidal and give them hope that their obstacle will soon be their superpower!

Ms. Guzman, having been abandoned when her parents went to jail when she was just 14 years old, knows what it is like to be suicidal. She attempted it several times, and she is grateful none of her attempts were successful, so she can now be of service to the general public. Having overcome that obstacle, she now has the knowledge to help kids who are in the same dark place she once got back into the light.

The author and others in the community would love for readers to help spread the news about the book so that every child who needs to read “The Day You Left” can get a copy.


Source: Fox 54 News Now

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