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Superheroes are everywhere. They do not necessarily have to have any superhuman strength
as long as they have the will and determination to help others. This is the key ‘super’ trait of our
desi superhero- Ekans. He is powered by the ‘Naag Mani’ and has the abilities of a snake, yet it
is his good heart that makes him the coolest superhero in town.

This year, Cartoon Network brings to you the #YourSuperheroAdventureWithEkans Contest, at
the virtual Delhi Book Fair 2021. We urge you to tap into your own superhero qualities that you
have in common with Ekans. Narrate your superhero story as you have an unexpected
encounter with your favorite desi superhero and get a chance to win amazing prizes from
Cartoon Network.

The Delhi Book Fair is happening virtually for the second time on PragatiE, where you can have
a 360 degree immersive experience in your world of literary fantasies. Virtual booths, stalls of
your favorite publication houses, namely Prints, APC, etc, webinars, and fun contests…enjoy all
of it from the comfort of your homes.

If you are a bibliophile parent looking to instill the same passion for stories into your kid, this is
your break in the cloud. Cartoon Network which is the best and one of the oldest kids
entertainment channels, has also partaken in this venture by putting up their Ekans themed stall
at the Delhi Book Fair. Encourage your kids to unhinge their creative soul and embrace their
imaginative spirit through the world of the ‘written words’.

To participate in the contest,  click here

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