Egyptian-Lebanese Publishing House issues “The Novel: In Time & Place”

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“The Novel: In Time & Place” for Mostafa el-Feki – Compiled photo”The Novel: In Time & Place” for Mostafa el-Feki – Compiled photoCAIRO – 5 January 2020: The Egyptian-Lebanese Publishing House recently issued a new book entitled “The Novel: In Time and Place” by Mostafa El-Feki, Director of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. In his book, Feki introduces his biography, during which the writer unveils many important scenes and reopens a huge number of sensitive files that he once witnessed and was a partner in making several times. Feki presented everything that he lived without masks, using an early quote by Franz Kafka: “I was ashamed of myself when I realized that life was a masquerade party, and I attended it with my true face.” The book consists of twenty chapters, including an additional introduction and a conclusion with summaries and learnt lessons. In it, Feki narrates his career in a narrative sense that exceeds the seventy-five years of his life and the life of Egypt without neglecting any important detail, turning a blind eye to a thorny moment, or turning his face away from a problematic event. He presents a true historical document backed by rare photographs that represent the “album” of his life from the early years to today.

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