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Dowry Row: Publishers Suspend Sales Of 'Sociology For Nurses' Book With Immediate Effect

Publishers have immediately halted the sale of TK Indrani's book Textbook on Sociology for Nurses due to Dowry concerns and content.
on Apr 06, 2022
TK Indrani's book Textbook on Sociology for Nurses

Publishers have halted sales of a sociology textbook after Republic Media Network broke the story about it discussing the'merits of dowry' in an article. The sale of TK Indrani's 'Textbook on Sociology for Nurses' has been halted by the publishers.

An article on the'merits of dowry' was included in a nursing textbook.

The Nurses' Association has filed a complaint about a Sociology book that includes 'dowry qualities.'

The TNAI has sharply denounced the offensive and alarming content in one of its sociology books in its protest to the publishers, and has also requested that the text and related volumes be removed from the market. The group emphasised two significant concerns in reference to the book's text in a letter sent on Monday, April 4th, noting that the material about the dowry system is factually false and deceptive.
In its first point, the group claims that counting the virtues and advantages of dowry is "retrograde and irrational," and that this not only supports the practice of the dowry system but also appears to be supporting the evil of the dowry system, which is illegal in the country. Aside from that, such a text could lead nursing students astray, according to the report.

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