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Discover Wellness and Literature at Canyon Ranch's New Book Festival

Join Canyon Ranch's inaugural "Chapters - The Wellness Book Festival" in Tucson, Aug 8-12, 2024. Enjoy wellness insights from top authors, interactive activities, and more.
on Jun 07, 2024
Discover Wellness and Literature at Canyon Ranch's New Book Festival | Frontlist

Canyon Ranch, known internationally for its excellence in wellness experiences, is planning to launch the inaugural "Chapters - The Wellness Book Festival" at its Tucson resort and spa on August 8-12, 2024. This highly anticipated five-day event will feature more than 15 prominent authors and podcasters, as well as riveting roundtable discussions, warm fireside chats, and a variety of interactive activities at the country's leading health and wellness resort.

Melissa Urban (The New Whole30), Yumna Jawad (The Feel Good Foodie Cookbook), Dr. Sue Varma (Practical Optimism: The Art, Science, and Practice of Exceptional Well Being), Nora McInerny (Bad Vibes Only And Other Things I Bring To The Table), Jesse Coomer (The Language of Breath), Martinus Evans (Slow AF Run Club), Corey Keyes (Languishing: How To Feel Alive Again in a World that Wears Us Down), and Bonnie Wan (T Amy Brown, who co-hosts The Bobby Bones Show and the 4 Things podcast, will also conduct a special session.

"Today's world of wellness is a vibrant and inclusive fusion of ideas, insights, information, and intelligence, often driven by authors and thought leaders, including those who will be joining us for Chapters," says Canyon Ranch CEO Mark Rivers. "Canyon Ranch is the right setting and venue for fostering dialogue, mentorship, and one-of-a-kind experiences among this outstanding group of writers and their followers. We couldn't be happier to bring these titles to life in our world-class resort setting."

Melissa Urban, author of The Whole30 and the upcoming The New Whole30, said, "I am very excited to participate in Chapters and share my story with the Canyon Ranch community." This pioneering festival is the ideal platform for meeting readers and celebrating the voices that change, inspire, and improve people's lives every day."

Guests can stay for two to five days during the festival, which includes over 30 daily activities at the renowned spa resort. Every day, there are unique author experiences meant to engage guests, such as cooking demonstrations, special exercises, walks, and social activities.

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