The HRD ministry launches a digital library for all the students!

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The Human Resource Development Ministry (HRD) set up a digital library for the students of India. As the numbers of coronavirus cases are increasing day by day in India, the HRD Ministry is putting up its best efforts to provide several mediums of education to the children of the country.

The digital library covers up all subjects from primary to post-graduate level. Subjects like – literature, social science, law, medicine etc.
As India is the land of various types of cultures and languages, the digital library is available in various regional languages. Students from each state of India can have access to read a book in their own language or dialect.

Nearly 4 crore and 60 lakh text resources have been made available through digitization in the digital library, meeting the needs of students of all classes and age groups.

Students who are pursuing PhD or M.Phil and need high-quality research material can checkout another online platform, ‘Shodh Sindhu’ provided by the HRD ministry. It is a platform where the high quality of journals and books are found which can help the research students in times where staying at home is the right choice.

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