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Perth author Diana Smith launches children's book The Adventures of Clive

Perth author Diana Smith launches children's book The Adventures of Clive
on Jul 08, 2020
Perth author Diana Smith launches children's book The Adventures of Clive

A Book about a clam’s adventures far from home seeks to teach children about resilience.

Yanchep author Diana Smith will launch her latest book this month, The Adventures of Clive, through which she hopes young readers will learn the importance of emotional resilience.

Smith said a work connection helped bring the story she first wrote in her teens to print, illustrated by Ria Rose using her spray-painting technique.

“Ria needed some examples for the story, and so she used pictures of my little niece and her friend as well as our dogs,” she said.

“These, and the children’s names, were later incorporated into the story which centres on the bravery and resilience of a little clam that finds himself a long way from home.”

Once the large paintings were complete, photographer Michael Raats used ladders and other equipment to shoot them for printing purposes.

“Together with my editor, Brooke Anne Olive of Birli Press, they really worked to showcase my story in the best way possible,” Smith said.

“It’s quite different in both style and prose from my other three books, and I feel it will be a great hit with both young and old readers.

“It is such a good feeling to finally hold the finished book in your hands.”

Smith will hold a book launch at Blue Lizard Gallery and Framers in Butler on July 25 and people could contact her through her website.

Smith said she delighted in sharing messages about respect, gratitude, trust, and resilience through her books, including My Grateful Book and My Welcome Book.

“My background as an education assistant and proud mother of two amazing people has given me a solid foundation in giving our kids the basics,” she said.

“Primarily, I teach children how to have empathy towards each other, be grateful for the simple things in life, and also how to cope with anxiety.

“By encouraging the use of these positive techniques, children also benefit from higher self-esteem.”

With COVID-19 restrictions easing, Smith said she would start hosting workshops again to teach children calming and focusing techniques, as well as resuming book readings and author visits at schools and libraries.

Source: Pertnow

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