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Conference “Subject Week: Traditions, Innovations, Competencies”

Conference “Subject Week: Traditions, Innovations, Competencies”
on Mar 26, 2021
Conference “Subject Week: Traditions, Innovations, Competencies”
On March 22-26, the conference “Subject Week: Traditions, Innovations, Competencies” is being held online, during which topical issues of modern science are discussed with participants from 85 regions of the Russian Federation, knowledge, understanding, depth and scope of application of which are necessary for successful work teachers. 3rd and 4th year students of the Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of the “Pedagogical Education” direction took part in the online conference. On the first day of the conference, the Day of the Teacher of Mathematics took place. The online event was dedicated to the following issues: the real goals of teaching mathematics in school, methods, and resources to achieve these goals; the use of materials from textbooks and teaching aids for the effective preparation of schoolchildren for the state final certification: updating school mathematics education in line with digitalization trends and ensuring functional literacy; geometry in school education: from the first geometric constructions to solving complex problems; online resources to help teacher and student. Read: Middle schoolers use comic strips to share their pandemic stories The presenters of the Teacher’s Day were: E. D. Zubkova, leading methodologist of the Prosveshchenie Group of Companies; M.S. Yakir, math teacher, author of textbooks and teaching aids; T.F. Sergeeva, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of Moscow State Pedagogical University, author of textbooks; A.V. Shklover, teacher of mathematics, methodologist in the “Teacher for Russia” program; I.V. Soboleva, senior methodologist of the general education department of the Karelian Institute for the Development of Education; T.A. Burmistrova, member of the expert council of JSC “Publishing House” Education “. 3rd year students, under the guidance of a senior teacher of the Department of Theory and Methods of Teaching Mathematics and ICT in Education, senior teacher S.I. Markova, connected to the conference broadcast via the Zoom platform. The students listened to T.A. Burmistrova “The combination of traditions and innovations in the textbooks of mathematics by N. Ya. Vilenkin is the key to successful learning.” Textbook of mathematics by N.Ya. Vilenkina is one of the most famous and popular textbooks among Russian teachers. Within the framework of this report, the changes made to the textbook by N.Ya. Vilenkin, which reflect the requirements for the modern level of teaching mathematics, as well as the possibility of implementing continuity with the lines of primary school textbooks. 4th year students of the IMIT direction “Pedagogical Education” under the guidance of Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and Methods of Teaching Mathematics and Information and Communication Technologies in Education T.V. Bezhanu was connected to the broadcast of the conference from the audience of PetrSU. The students listened to the speech of M.S. Yakir on the topic “Function is the head of everything.” In this report, the equations were considered, for which the properties of functions are the key to their solution. Source: https://indiaeducationdiary.in/

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