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Comic Books and Their Influence in Today’s Society

Comic Books and Their Influence in Today’s Society
on Jun 04, 2021
Comic Books and Their Influence in Today’s Society
The combination of image and text is undoubtedly one of the most typical features of the comic strip genre. They are a common source of insight and entertainment for most Americans. It is a culture build-up from the last century. Comics are easy to recognize but can also be challenging to interpret. They majorly consist of a string of images read one after another to make sense. They may include only cartoons or both texts and cartoons. It may sound like an easy thing but may consist of complicated patterns, often a narrative through the sequential spatial arrangement. Comics can be, in a way, attributed to the holding of society. It can be attributed to the fact that it somehow reflects the broken image of the community, therefore challenging its readers into doing better for themselves. Different features make up a perfect comic book. They include;
  • A caption- It’s a separate box that tells the story in the voice of the narrator.
  • Panel- It’s an illustration on the page, and it has borders.
  • A tier- It’s a single row of panels.
  • Splash- This is the introductory page that sets the mood for the book.
  • Spread- This is an illustration that’s spread on more than one page.
These elements used together can tell the intended story. When reading art, it’s essential to keep an open mind. The expressed form of entertainment can contain anything puns or internal jokes, and everything on the page can contribute some meaning. To make the interpretation more straightforward, you may try breaking down visual information. These can be from its components: page layout, art and art style, and text or image interaction. It is not uncommon to realize that not all comics include text, but many do. The purpose of the text in the art can be a sound effect, dialogue, clarification, narration, image, or even commentary. The key thing in the narration of the story is context. It will help to interpret the image in relation to its text. There are a few advantages that accompany reading a comic book; Some of them include;
  • It can help the reader have a wild imagination- Comic writers like Geoff Johns can make the reader escape reality.
  • It can help in turning some reluctant readers into ravenous readers.
  • They help in giving the reader a different perspective on things.
  • They help in building your inferencing skills- these are the skills that help you in reading between the lines.
Furthermore, readers can draw a few lessons from the comic books. Some stories have positive messages, such as “never giving up” and “friendship.” In addition, many comics present stories which have superheroes who become role models. Some of these stories become relatable with daily struggles, giving insight into how to deal with challenges. Comic books are considered much more engaging than other literary media; novels or short stories. This can be attached to the fact that they have colorful imageries. Colors and images have a way of engaging the reader and passing the information more successfully. In conclusion, it is safe to confirm that comic books are not limited to boys, neither are they only about superheroes and villains. Comic books come in many different genres, including drama, fantasy, comedy, and sci-fi. Therefore bound to suit all tastes, ages, and reading levels. They can be enjoyed with family, friends and can even be a routine to snuggle your child to sleep. Comics may be unappreciated art, but they have a significant impact on those who enjoy them. They have a way of bringing out a society’s view without much judgment. Source: www.imcgrupo.com

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