CBSE releases RAP Song named CBSE Exam Anthem to connect with students

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CBSE is on a roll these days, First Memes and now a Rap song named: “CBSE Exam Anthem”.

CBSE scores full marks in the creative ways to connect with the student who is worried and stressed over the board exams whether it may be a student of 10th standard or 12th.

CBSE has expanded its creative boundaries by recording this whole song in-house only, this CBSE rap anthem is based on a groovy tune on a hit beat of a Bollywood number.

The song itself was sung & recorded by the students of Delhi public school, the lyrics of the song were penned down by a small team of CBSE and even the chairperson Anita Karwal contributed some of the stanzas for the song. No professional help was hired for this 1st ever song released by CBSE, the motive behind this is to connect with the students at a larger scale.

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