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Frontlist | Career in Publishing: 5 key trends of 2021 to watch out for

Frontlist | Career in Publishing: 5 key trends of 2021 to watch out for
on Dec 29, 2020
Frontlist | Career in Publishing: 5 key trends of 2021 to watch out for

If you want a career in the publishing industry, here are five key trends of 2021 you should watch out for.

The year 2020 has been a watershed year and most industries have been crippled by business losses, reduction in workforce, cutbacks in salary and lack of opportunity. However, with the news of the vaccine coming out soon for the masses and the hope of a slow but gradual revival of the economy, 2021 has a lot for us to cheer about.
The positive sentiment being generated around revival means good for hiring prospects. Companies will need additional manpower to supplement the surge in demand caused due to the revival. The publishing industry isn’t a stranger to this surge and would be looking for good employees who fit the bill. There will be a demand for skilled people fresh out of colleges or people with relevant experience as well. But that does not mean it will be smooth-sailing and it will be an easy shoo-in for anyone. The pandemic has already made most companies lean and mean and they will be looking to maintain that in their structure going forward. This means, that if you are looking to work in the publishing industry, you need to keep in mind the following 5 key trends:

1. Command over language

Whether you apply as an editor or a designer or for the marketing and sales team, your command over language, both spoken and written, will make a lot of impact. The ability to communicate clearly and convey your intent both internally and externally will make a lot of difference. Especially in an industry where the product is the written word and content is the king, how you communicate will be of utmost importance.

2. Reading habit

Anyone hoping to make a space for themselves in the Publishing industry in any capacity should have a habit of reading books -- any kind of books. This is a habit which will put you miles ahead of others, as it will not only give you invaluable customer insights but also expand your boundaries as you learn more. Like they say, you can never go wrong with reading a book.

3. Proficiency in digital marketing

The world has gone digital. Your ability to adapt to digital mediums will be very important in the new post-pandemic world. Publishing had embraced digital a long time back and there has been a renewed push in the post-pandemic world in this sphere. Any extra expertise and knowledge in this sphere will act as a plus.

4. Strategic and tactical mindset

If you want to work in the publishing industry, you need to be able to think strategically while applying tactical knowledge of the market into your day to day work. One should be able to chart the company’s strategic goals keeping in mind the tactical realities of the industry.

5. Ability to identify new trends

The ability to identify new trends of what readers want to read, how readers buy books, or prefer to consume content is a necessary skill to have. It will make you add value to your organisation and help the company chart success. These are some key trends one must keep in mind if one wants to work in the publishing industry in 2021. The Publishing industry will surely be growing at a rapid pace in times to come and these times would be some of the best years to work here.
  Source: India Today

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