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Captain America 4: 9 Comic Book Storylines The Next MCU Movie May Use

Captain America 4: 9 Comic Book Storylines The Next MCU Movie May Use
on Apr 26, 2021
Captain America 4: 9 Comic Book Storylines The Next MCU Movie May Use
The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is over but the story of Sam Wilson as Captain America isn't. There will be a Captain America 4, which will be written by FATWS showrunner Malcolm Spellman, and will take the character into the future of the MCU. The only question is what comic book source material the new movie will draw from. Many questions remain unanswered after the FATWS finale, which will hopefully be answered in the story of the next movie. But as fans have seen, the MCU likes to weave in different stories and characters from the original comic books to arrive at something unique. Many Captain America comics from Marvel history could play a role.

Avengers: Standoff!

It makes a lot of sense that the new movie will pick up directly with Sam Wilson's career as Captain America. With that being the case, it's likely that one comic book storyline from 2016 could play a role. Avengers: Standoff! has the team investigating a mysterious suburban community. The storyline has Sam Wilson investigating the town of Pleasant Hill alongside Bucky and an aged Steve Rogers, where they discover the powerful Kobik project is still ongoing and is also being pursued by Baron Zemo and his supervillain allies.

Operation: Rebirth

Operation: Rebirth is a significant story from the 90s that could serve as some inspiration for the movie. Though it involves Steve Rogers as Captain America, like other comic storylines, it could be adapted to fit Sam. In this story, Steve Rogers discovers that his colleague and love interest Sharon Carter is alive after being presumed dead for many years. This could factor depending on how the MCU proceeds with Sharon, who was revealed in the FATWS finale to be the international criminal, The Power Broker. The story also sees the return of the Red Skull, who could potentially return to the MCU in the future as well since the last viewers saw of him was on Vormir.

The Patriot

The new movie is likely to build on story elements introduced in FATWS and Eli Bradley is one of them. The grandson of Isaiah Bradley eventually obtains superpowers of his own through Mutant Growth Hormone, and he becomes the superhero known as The Patriot. Sam could potentially mentor Eli in the movie. Eli received his powers after getting a blood transfusion from his grandfather, which gives him Super-Soldier abilities as well. Eli is also a founding member of the Young Avengers, a team the MCU seems to be building towards with the introduction of several characters, including the twins Tommy and Billy Maximoff from WandaVision.

Secret Empire (Modern)

A major storyline the MCU could tackle in the next movie is the modern version of Secret Empire. This story was met with a lot of controversy from comic book fans for its depiction of Steve Rogers as a secret HYDRA agent for decades. During the storyline, the evil Steve Rogers manipulates Sam Wilson out of being Captain America by placing him in compromising positions, particularly as there is an attempt made on a senator's life. If Chris Evans returned as the evil Steve Rogers, it could work in the movie.

Fear Itself

Also read : https://www.frontlist.in/kabir-bedi-priyanka-chopra-karan-johar-celebs-who-documented-their-lives-in-a-book/ Fear Itself was a 2011 comic book event that has numerous Marvel heroes, including Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes as Captain America, fighting against an Asgardian deity that generates uncontrollable fear in the world. Elements of the storyline would have to be changed for the movie, but Sam and Bucky fighting against a powerful Asgardian threat would be an interesting story for the MCU. In this storyline, Bucky actually dies during the battle. He is later resurrected and Steve Rogers returns to the role of Captain America for a time.

Civil War II

Civil War II was the sequel to the original Marvel event. This 2016 follow-up features Sam Wilson as Captain America caught in the middle of a conflict between Iron Man and Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers seeks to use pre-cogs to see the future and prevent potential crimes, which generates a lot of controversy over civil liberties. Sam doesn't play a huge role in the story, but it could be adapted to fit into the context of the MCU. It's during this story that the U.S. Agent, John Walker, returns, and battles Sam in a violent fight.

The Serpent Society

The Serpent Society is among Captain America's most powerful villains, and so far, the team is entirely missing from the MCU. All the members of the group utilize a different snake in their name and outfit, with prominent members including Copperhead, Viper, and Diamondback, who has also been one of Captain America's allies and love interests. Though they are primarily connected to Steve Rogers in the comic book mythology, they could easily be adapted into new villains of Sam Wilson in the MCU. The team has played roles in a variety of major Marvel Comics events, including Secret Invasion, which is going to be adapted as a streaming series on Disney+.

Secret Warriors

  One of the most intriguing story elements that FATWS set up is the mysterious character of The Contessa, Valentina Allegra de la Fontaine. Played by Julia Louis-Dreyfuss in a surprise cameo, she is clearly being set up as a major player in the MCU going forward. That could incorporate elements of the Secret Warriors storyline. Elements of this series - in which HYDRA is revealed to have been in control of S.H.I.E.L.D. all along - have been incorporated in earlier MCU movies and series. The new movie could deal with The Contessa's comic book role of becoming Madame Hydra and perhaps the resurrection of the evil organization.

Secret Empire (The 70s)

Secret Empire was the title of another important Captain America comic book storyline from 1974. This story sees Steve Rogers renounce his role as Captain America after discovering a labyrinthine conspiracy, with deep roots in government to undermine his credibility and viability in the role. This could easily be adapted for Sam Wilson. As The Contessa said in the finale of FATWS, Thing are about to get weird, and when they do, we're not going to need a Captain America. Depending on her ultimate plan, she could be part of the conspiracy that threatens Sam Wilson's tenure as the new Captain America in the next movie. Source: https://screenrant.com/

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