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"Business Storytelling from Hype to Hack" by Author Jyoti Guptara: Book Review

on Sep 23, 2022
Jyoti Guptara

Jyoti Guptara's best-selling book, Business storytelling from hype to hack, challenges our assumptions. Writing to a modern audience, the author convincingly argued and presented how storytelling is a necessary skill for business leaders and communicators.

We all have important messages to share about our professions and lives. Jyoti encourages readers to communicate in a way that clicks and sticks and conveys that storytelling is an essential skill that facilitates a deeper understanding of motives and enhances the comprehensive abilities of the human brain.

There are three parts to the book, and each part emphasizes key areas of life and business for being an influential conversationalist. It includes ample practical tips that can be implemented in real life.

The author has exemplified white hat storytelling in the book and has compared it to chiropractor’s manipulation. In his opinion, just as chiropractor manipulation aligns the body, stories possess the power to align workforces, organizations, and customers.

According to the author, we have story-shaped brains, and information contained within stories slots into our heads nonchalantly, exactly like fitting pieces of a puzzle. 
In conclusion, stories are easier to process in comparison to dry information and appeal to senses that release yearning.

In conclusion, stories are easy on the ears and offer effortless appeal to the senses. It is an efficient way to convey information that ‘sticks’ with the listener.

This book is a must-read for everyone, especially those aspiring to be business leaders and influential speakers.

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