Books in Tamil language are more publishing compare to other Indian language: K Pandiarajan

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According to Minister for Tamil culture and language, K Pandiarajan, Tamil has more published books than others. He said, “After taking charge of this ministry, on an average, I have been releasing two Tamil books at least every day wherever I go. Around 65,000 to 70,000 books are getting published in Tamil every year”
He concluded that in the last decade, there has being a huge wave of books written and published in Tamil compared to any other Indian language.

Pandiarajan along with dean, Madurai Medical College, Dr. Sangumani J, president-elect Indian Medical Association Madurai Dr. V N Alagavenkatesan and other dignitaries released the book, “Kannodu Kanbadhellam” written by ophthalmologist Dr. S Baskararajan.

The book contains experiential writing on ophthalmology from during the doctor’s travels all around the world.

Pandiarajan also added, “There used to be a time when people thought doctors don’t write, especially in Tamil. Under the ‘Sorkuvai’ scheme, now, we are trying to add as many new accurate words in Tamil for medical terms. When we first launched the scheme, we did not know so much needed to be translated until medical students from across the state submitted a list. Books like this encourage to expand medical vocabulary in Tamil”

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