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Book Review: Death to one, life to another

Book Review: Death to one, life to another
on Dec 19, 2019
Book Review: Death to one, life to another
The book is the story of the author about going through a horrible situation. The situation was where he faced the trauma of being convicted for a crime he didn't commit.  This trauma occurred after the incident of March 12, 1993 when the city of dreams, Mumbai was shaken by a series of bomb blasts that took numerous life put a black spot on the entire community. The author, Mohammed Sultan Sayyed shared the same community. He faced the storm of that black spot and was put behind the bars. He fought for his innocence which took a long time to get proved. He was framed and suffered for such crime which had no connection with him. As the result of his courageful fight, in the end he was not found guilty for this terrible incident.  The March 1993 case has targeted the whole Muslim community without even giving a second thought about any person. The events of 12 March 1993 took place only because of the partial treatment meted out to the Muslims of Bombay, by the State, during the riots which took place after the demolition of the Babri Masjid on 06 December 1992. If you want to know how it affected the author's life and how a single incident can turn people against each other very quickly, then you should read this book. 

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