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Frontlist | Book donation campaign helped Alice Boucher Elementary

Frontlist | Book donation campaign helped Alice Boucher Elementary
on Jan 22, 2021
Frontlist | Book donation campaign helped Alice Boucher Elementary
In the fall, KATC asked you to give our Give a Child A Book campaign, and you did. Now, 457 students at Alice Boucher Elementary School in Lafayette now have brand new books. The campaign ended Wednesday with thousands of books in the hands of children excited about the adventures on each page. Bayleigh Marks and Kiya Zeno and the rest of the more than 400 Alice Boucher Elementary students are ready for the adventures inside the books gifted to them through the Give a Child a Book Campaign. I am going to finish this book and get another book because once you read a book, especially if it's in series, your curiosity grows, said Bayleigh Marks, a 5th grader at Alice Boucher. I get happy because like in a fiction book it's not really real but it feels so real, said Kiya Zeno, a 4th grader at Alice Boucher. But it isn't just the children who are thrilled about what's to come. We want reading to be their favorite past time to take them to different places they may have never been but through these stories they can, said Principal Rose Marcel. Marcel said in their last state assessment, Alice Boucher was marked as a D school. She said that letter grade doesn't define who they are and what these students are capable of, and she acknowledges reading, vocabulary and compression are vital in the work they are doing to go from D to an A. She added that these books will help get them there. We are climbing and making progress, she said. Pre-K students were gifted three books each, kindergarten through 5th Graders, each getting five books for a total of 2,207 brand new books for students to have on their own. That total and this excitement are made possible by you the people of Acadiana with your donations to our book drive. Your generosity surely didn't go unnoticed. Me and the other children at this school are very grateful that you did this for us, said Marcel.   Source: Acadiana's News Channel

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