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BIMTECH Holds the Fourth Edition of its Business Literature Festival 2024

Explore the intersection of business and literature at BIMTECH Business Literature Festival 2024. Engaging sessions, renowned speakers, and book launches await!
on Feb 21, 2024
BIMTECH Holds the Fourth Edition of its Business Literature Festival 2024 | Frontlist

BIMTECH hosted the fourth edition of the Business Literature Festival 2024, which featured a variety of business literary genres.

Birla Institute of Management Technology held its BIMTECH Business Literature Festival (BBLF) on Saturday, February 17, 2024, at the India Habitat Centre in New Delhi, with great success.

The festival was addressed by dignitaries such as Shiv Shivakumar, Operating Partner, Advent International and Former Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer at PepsiCo and Nokia; Ravi Kant, Ex-Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, Tata Motors; R Gopalakrishnan, Ex-Executive Director, Tata Sons Ltd; Harit Nagpal, CEO, Tata Sky; Harish Bhat, Former Brand Custodian, Tata Sons Ltd.; Dr Prabina Rajib, Director, BIMTECH; and Dr. SS Dubey, Dean Academics BIMTECH.

To encourage students and professionals to read business literature, BIMTECH hosted renowned authors, editors, aspiring writers, and distinguished journalists, demonstrating the affinity between literary luminaries and some of the best business veterans.

Shiv Shivakumar highlighted the value of reading books, stating, "A book is our best friend." He stated, "During the COVID-19 pandemic, the average time spent reading books increased from 9 to 16 hours per week." This increase in reading suggests a latent desire for books, demonstrating that individuals are willing to participate in education."

He went on to say, "As authors and publishers, we must recognise the potential of the book industry and collaborate to create high-quality, engaging content that captures the imagination and encourages people to spend more time reading."

Shivakumar asked the audience to commit to reading books, underlining that doing so teaches and increases people's interest in the world.

The event was divided into six intellectually stimulating sessions, each featuring two panel discussions on significant issues such as 'Strong Women, Strong World' and 'Mind Matters: Nurturing Mental Wellness'.

The 'Majlis Club', BIMTECH's debating and theatre society, collaborated with the UN Global Compact Network India to arrange a masterclass on 'Global Leadership via Poetry' with Abhay K (Diplomat, Poet, and DDG, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi).

This one-of-a-kind literature festival also featured an entire session dedicated to the launch of three new books: 'Rx for Resilience' by Dr Saroj Dubey, 'Enhancing Leadership Skills Through Deeper Self Awareness' by Dr Shivani Khetan, and 'NEWSPRINT to HEARTPRINTS' by Dr Abhijit K Chattoraj, Dr Srinath Sridharan, and Saloni Sinha.

Harit Nagpal, CEO of Tata Sky and author of the book "Adapt," emphasised the need of adaptation in a fast-changing world. Mr Harit Nagpal was speaking with Mr Harish Bhat, the former brand custodian of Tata Sons. He compared adaptability to the chameleon, a creature recognised for its ability to change colour to blend in with its surroundings, emphasising the importance of individuals and businesses being agile and responsive to the changing landscape.

He underlined that in the present day, the rate of change is quickening, with each new development occurring faster and more significantly than the previous. He cited the COVID-19 pandemic and advances in artificial intelligence (AI) as examples of rapid transformation.

R Gopalakrishnan, Ex-Executive Director, Tata Sons Ltd., Ex-Vice Chairman, Hindustan Lever, and author of 'Inside the Boardroom', made the valedictory talk, congratulating the BBLF4 team on diligently arranging the event and organising enlightening exchanges.

Dr. Prabina Rajib, Director of BIMTECH, commented on the festival's widespread reach, saying, "After the enormous success of the previous three editions, BIMTECH is back with its flagship literature festival to nurture the habit of reading about the business landscape among students and stakeholders. This unique literary festival has brought together outstanding business leaders, authors, and industry professionals to engage in insightful debates about the newest business trends."

This Biz-Lit Fest offered a unique blend of business literary flavour through readings of literary works, engaging panel discussions, and hands-on workshops, with the goal of bringing together like-minded individuals from academia, journalism, the media, and the larger literary community.

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