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Frontlist | Bengaluru author's book to teach kids about good & bad touch

Frontlist | Bengaluru author's book to teach kids about good & bad touch
on Feb 09, 2021
Frontlist | Bengaluru author's book to teach kids about good & bad touch

Teaching children the concept of a good and a bad touch is very important and especially from a very early stage in such unsafe times. Helping them to understand what it means by consent is of the topmost importance to ensure they are safe. And to help with just that, author Yamini Vijayan has written a book for children aged between 8 to 12 titled 'Your Body Is Yours', The News Minute reported.

Publishing house Pratham Books in Bengaluru has published Vijayan's book and it is illustrated by Aindri C. The book, which targets children between ages 8 to 12, speaks about consent, safe and unsafe touches and body autonomy. The book helps the children understand these very important concepts through easy sentences and picture-illustrations.

On the Pratham Books' website, the description of the book reads, Your body is unique and it belongs only to you. Get to know it, and learn to take good care of it. A book that aims to start open and healthy conversations around our bodies, and our right to say no to anyone who does not respect boundaries.

Vijayan reportedly told TNM that the challenges while working on the book were numerous as she had to devise out a simple yet effective way to pose and help children understand the questions and their answers to all such questions. She settled on a straight and direct approach because she felt the children need to be able to pick up in case anything is a violation of their secure space and thus know how to say no to it.

Along with the basic concepts of safe and unsafe touches, Vijayan's book also presents the idea of understanding a healthy body image and body positivity as it explains about consent. Also, by addressing body parts by their actual names, the book aims to help children know that it is a normal and healthy conversation and one mustn't be ashamed to address any body parts while talking about it.

Girls from a very young age are always taught to be obedient and Vijayan has tried to teach the children that they can and should say to anyone who they think might be trying to overlook their boundaries, whether family member or not.

Source: News 18

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