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Bengali Poet Shankha Ghosh Dies Battling COVID-19, Aged 89

Bengali Poet Shankha Ghosh Dies Battling COVID-19, Aged 89
on Apr 21, 2021
Bengali Poet Shankha Ghosh Dies Battling COVID-19, Aged 89
Bengali author and poet Shankha Ghosh passed away on 21 April due to COVID. Bengal has long prided itself for it's poets and other artists, and Shankha was no different. His command over the language introduced a sense of grace and depth into his work. He was considered the authority on Rabindranath Tagore by any and was known for raising his voice against social injustice. Bengali poet Subodh Sarkar feels that COVID-19 snatched away Ghosh when he was needed the most as 'the state was faced with the threat of fascism'.  
He has received multiple awards for his contribution to arts, including the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1977 for his book Babarera Prathana. He was also honoured with the Padma Bhushan and the prestigious Jnanpith Award. The Jnanpith Award is awarded to authors for their 'outstanding contribution towards literature', and is one of the highest Indian literary awards. Some of his other works include Nihito Patal Saya, Pajore Darer Sabdo, and Jol e Pasan Hoye Ache. As an author, he Considered to be having authority on Rabindranath Tagore, Ghosh is known for ‘Adim Lata – Gulmomay’ and ‘Murkha Baro Samajik Nay’, among other books. His works have been translated into several languages including Hindi and English. Shankha tested positive for COVID-19 on 14 April after which he went into home isolation. However, he was hospitalized later when his health deteriorated. Shankar also said, He was soft-spoken but his pen was razor-sharp, always speaking against intolerance. He used to be a participant in all conventions and movements for free and liberal thinking, reported PTI. Shankha is survived by his wife Pratima and his daughters Semanti and Srabanti. Source: https://www.thequint.com/

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