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Beijing International Book Fair Focuses on Global Cooperation

The China National Convention Centre hosted the start of the 29th Beijing International Book Fair.
on Jun 19, 2023
Beijing International Book Fair Focuses on Global Cooperation | Frontlist

On Thursday, the China National Convention Centre hosted the start of the 29th Beijing International Book Fair. The five-day book exhibition includes more than 200,000 book titles from 2,500 publishers from 56 nations and regions, with a focus on expanding interactions and mutual learning. This year's honor guest is Algeria.

The opening day of the book expo featured a number of activities that demonstrated the trend of deeper cooperation between Chinese and foreign publishers, and publishers anticipate that this global platform will lead to even greater cooperation.

The multilingual book series on Xi Jinping's Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era was published by China Social Sciences Press.

Vice-president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Zhen Zhanmin, stated that the new era thought is the essence of Chinese culture and the Chinese spirit in the modern era, a new development in the localization of Marxism in China, and a potent guide for the revival of the Chinese nation and the creation of a community with a shared future for humanity. He went on to say that it is crucial to create a multilingual book series that provides an accurate representation of the idea so that everyone may benefit from it.

According to Zhao Jianying, director of China Social Sciences Press, the 12-volume series is a significant accomplishment of the research on the new era thinking that almost 100 academics and specialists conducted over the course of more than three years. In 2019, the Chinese version was released.

There have been 18 books in the series released so far, with translations available into English, Korean, Russian, Nepali, Arabic, Hebrew, and Polish.

At the ceremony for the publication, Kiran Gautam, president of the Nepal Contemporary Publishing House, noted that the company has published numerous children's books as well as academic works on political studies, poverty alleviation, and China's reform and opening-up.

A Study of Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy and Xi Jinping's Historical Outlook on Governance for a New Era are two book titles from the series that the Nepali publisher has released. He said that they had done well in the Nepali market.

The new era idea is a crucial topic, he added, and many tiny nations like Nepal may learn from China's experience by looking at how quickly its economy has expanded and how quickly it has pulled itself out of poverty.

It was his first time attending the Beijing International Book Fair, and Gianpaolo Bruno, chief representative of the Italian Trade Agency Beijing and general coordinator for China and Mongolia, said he anticipated seeing a lot of interesting collaboration between Chinese and Italian publishers.

Despite the COVID-19 epidemic, China last year had a 22 percent year-over-year increase in the sales of books sent to Italy and a 28 percent increase in the revenues of books imported from Italy, he added. China is the most significant Eastern market for Italian publishers.

"We firmly consider this to be a crucial forum for the bilateral exchange of ideas of publishing items and copyrights; hence, we place the highest priority on this business matching platform. 

We continue to invest in this platform in an effort to attract more and more Italian publishing businesses who are keen to explore the enormous Chinese market, which is constantly expanding, particularly after COVID-19, he added.

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