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Frontlist | Bahamian author Dominique Forbes launches children’s book

Frontlist | Bahamian author Dominique Forbes launches children’s book
on Feb 04, 2021
Frontlist | Bahamian author Dominique Forbes launches children’s book
Bahamian native Dominique Forbes, a wife and stay-at-home mother of five, has written and self-published her first eBook, “Where Is Daddy?” Forbes describes herself as a kind speaker, gospel music singer/songwriter and entrepreneur whose passion for long-lasting love and relationships bursts through the seams when she writes. Her love song “You A Keeper”, which she released in late 2010 after winning the Guinness Talent Search in 2011, has given her enough room to embark upon her self-publishing journey with the launch of the “Stay Put” series. “The ‘Stay Put Series!’ is about all of the little things that could make the home either sensational to live in or a dreadful experience,” Forbes said. “Marriage, however sweet it can be, has its fair share of challenges. The ‘Stay Put Series!’ depicts events that are either going to enhance that union or arouse embitterment among the parties involved. “See if you can relate!” The first book in the series, “Where Is Daddy?” is a story about the thrill a young boy has when his father comes home. It is set in The Bahamas, where a loving family of seven resides. “A father brings joy to the home. A child becomes very excited to see the man of the house as he walks through the front door,” said the author.
“Now is a father always ready to mentally and physically greet his child with the same amount of childlike animation? I think not. However, his very presence evokes enthusiasm nonetheless.” Forbes added: “A father’s presence can be likened to that of a sweet fragrance in the life of this modern-day family. Both mother and children anxiously await this breadwinner’s arrival every day.” The author said that being a stay-at-home mother gives her “endless opportunity to study her niche”. A graduate of St Augustine’s College on New Providence, Forbes uses “what little time she has” to flex her creativity — singing and dancing around the house or doing some blogging or writing. Her new book also features a poem she wrote dedicated to longtime SAC educator the late Charles Lashley, who passed away last month and who could be considered a father figure to many of his students. “Where Is Daddy?” can be purchased online via Amazon.
  Source: Eye Witness News

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