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Authors of UK racism report hit back at 'misrepresentation'

Authors of UK racism report hit back at 'misrepresentation'
on Apr 05, 2021
Authors of UK racism report hit back at 'misrepresentation'
The commission behind a report that concluded that Britain doesn't have a systemic problem with racism has defended itself against critics, some of whom have argued that it downplayed the country's historic role in slavery. In a response late Friday, the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities said disagreement with the government-backed review had tipped into misrepresentation and it took particular umbrage at accusations that it put a positive spin on slavery.
This misrepresentation risks undermining the purpose of the report - understanding and addressing the causes of inequality in the UK - and any of the positive work that results from it, the commission said in a statement. The Conservative government launched the commission's inquiry into racial disparities in the wake of last year's Black Lives Matter movement. The panel of experts, which was made up of 11 members from a broad cross section of ethnic backgrounds, concluded that while outright racism exists in Britain, the country is not institutionally racist or rigged against minorities. Source: Times Of India

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