Authors Jeff and Maureen McLaughlin’s new book “How Dagny Got Her Pearls” is the charming story of a dog’s underwater animal friends giving her a thank-you present

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Jeff and Maureen McLaughlin, small business owners living in Pennsylvania with their dogs, have completed their new book “How Dagny Got Her Pearls”: a gripping and potent story about the rewards of selflessly helping others.

Published by Page Publishing, Jeff and Maureen McLaughlin’s charming, illustrated tale follows Roarkie telling all of his dog friends a story about Dagny, a Labrador-Irish Setter mix with beautiful red fur, on a beautiful day at the beach on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. After a huge, thunderous storm, while taking a swim, Dagny finds Mr. Crab washed ashore from the storm, struggling to return back to the safety of the water.

Dagny rescues Mr. Crab and brings him back to the ocean, where Mr. Crab is eternally grateful for Dagny’s selflessness. As a reward for saving Mr. Crab’s life, Mr. Crab recruits the help of his friends from the ocean to work together and create a very special present for Dagny: a pearl necklace. Dagny’s story is one of complete selflessness and how helping others often yields unexpected rewards.

Readers who wish to experience this endearing work can purchase “How Dagny Got Her Pearls” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.



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