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Frontlist | Author says quarantine changes singles' dating behavior

Frontlist | Author says quarantine changes singles' dating behavior
on Feb 11, 2021
Frontlist | Author says quarantine changes singles' dating behavior

The Soul Mate Coach Shares How She Changed Her Dating Approach & Attracted Her Husband Overnight

With Valentine's Day approaching, singles are feeling more frustrated and isolated than ever due to COVID-19 social distancing, says life coach and author Jeanne Sullivan Billeci—a.k.a. The Soul Mate Coach. Billeci, author of the new book, Be the Soul Mate you Want to Attract: Step Into Your Sovereignty and Magnetize a Higher Love, says many dating clients erroneously believe they must postpone their soul mate search indefinitely while quarantining. As a dating and relationships expert, she believes the pandemic poses an unprecedented opportunity to date in a counter-intuitive way that's more effective for finding lasting love. Read More: The world’s most misunderstood novel Most people's dating choices are driven more by physical chemistry than common sense, said Billeci. They're trained to look for the exciting, romantic spark in Hollywood movies and romance novels. When instinct is driving the love train, and the stomach butterflies are missing, people often think they are settling and overlook the right people for them. In her coaching and her book, she encourages singles to take a different approach, one she used to attract her husband overnight. While common wisdom dictates trying to appeal to the most people, Billeci advises them to use strategically written, bravely honest profiles designed to scare away those who don't share the same goals or values. She urges them to use virtual dates to avoid chemistry pitfalls, and make decisions based on compatibility for a lasting passion. Read More: Karuna Ezara Prarikh’s debut novel, an Indo-Pak love story Be the Soul Mate You Want to Attract Book Many clients were inspired by how Billeci shifted her dating approach and flew her freak flag online, which immediately transformed her results--despite being a confirmed spinster at age 44, 325 pounds with a strong personality that men supposedly hate. The book highlights of her five-step coaching program to help clients step up for themselves so they can magnetize ideal matches. As a law of attraction coach, she offers mindful, yet practical exercises including:
  • Releasing negative relationship patterns and limiting beliefs.
  • Owning their essential needs and boundaries.
  • Marketing themselves more creatively and authentically online.
  • Unleashing their powerful alter-ego to gain confidence and boost attractiveness.
  • Date more effectively so it's fun rather than a chore.
  Source: Yahoo Finance 

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