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Author Nikhil Parekh Receives the ‘Poetry Publication Prize’ for his book “Seeking Solace”

Poet from Ahmedabad named Nikhil Parekh won the Poetry Publication Prize-2021, instituted by Proverse Publishing of Hong Kong
on Nov 29, 2022
Author Nikhil Parekh

An accomplished poet from Ahmedabad named Nikhil Parekh won the Poetry Publication Prize-2021, instituted by Proverse Publishing of Hong Kong, on November 17, 2022.

Proverse Publishing, established in 1970 by Dr. Verner & Dr. Mrs. Bickley, is a recognized publishing business with backing from the Chinese University of Hong Kong Press and the Hong Kong Cultural Council. Proverse encourages young, talented, and future writers from all over the world through competitions (starting in 2008), prizes, bi-annual receptions, and other events in addition to publishing general English-language novels, short stories, poetry, non-fiction, travel, as well as anthologies. 

They give forth a variety of prizes in their competitions, such as money and professional publications. They have, to their credit and record, supported several talented writers throughout the years.

Dr. (Mrs.) Bickley underlined the following when awarding Nikhil Parekh, the Poetry Publication Prize-2021 for his book "Seeking Solace" on November 17, practically, from Hong Kong:


  • Nikhil has authored 47 novels with various titles.
  • holding ten national records, according to the Limca Book of Records (Indian equivalent of the Guinness Book of records)
  • In his assessment of the book, Professor George Watt of Adelaide, Australia, claims that "Parekh is to Poetry what superheroes are to Marvel and DC comics."
  • Additionally, he contrasts Nikhil's stance with that of all-time great authors Walt Whitman and Voltaire.
  • Parekh exhorts his audience to espouse words, that is, to find comfort in the sensory experience of listening, according to Professor Jason Polley of the English Department of Hong Kong Baptist University in his evaluation of the book.

The book SEEKING SOLACE embraces and exalts "Self Help," one of the most fundamental human needs. The poet has the opinion that in the contemporary world, which is tragically rife with terrorism, conflict, bigotry, and many forms of unemployment, to help another mortal, you must first help yourself. 

This is so that positivity can spread effectively from a soul that is in tune with the spirit of successful existence. This collection of poems contains several poems that sincerely attempt to treat humanity with the balm of unrestricted hope, optimistic enlightenment, righteous empowerment, and self-friendship.

Nikhil's poetry has won various awards, and over 200 of his quotes have been included in the renowned compilation in the USA. This places him in league with about 5-6 all-time greats of Indian descent and major figures in the international arena.

Another one of his groundbreaking books, "Love vs Terrorism," was released by The Write Order in February 2022 and has also garnered positive reviews.

His 47 other publications, which include "The Womb," "You Die, I Die"(Love Poems), "You Cut a Tree, You Cut your Mother," "Hide and Seek," "Life=Death," "The Power of Black," etc., cover a wide spectrum of issues relating to Human Values and Sensitivities.

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