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Author Dr Ritu shares her observations of life in newly-released book

Author Dr Ritu shares her observations of life in newly-released book
on Apr 19, 2021
Author Dr Ritu shares her observations of life in newly-released book
Following the success of her first two books, author and professor Dr Ritu Kamra Kumar is here with yet another book, ‘The Strokes of Solitude’. The book was released virtually by author and motivational speaker Vivek Atray on April 1. On the occasion, Atray had glowingly noted, “Dr Kumar is a gifted writer with a good eye for detail. A quiet sense of wit is a hallmark of her writings.” The newly-published book, ‘The Strokes of Solitude’, is a compilation of eighty-one middles penned by Kumar in recent years. Published by the Authors Press, the book runs to 220 pages and has been divided into five sections- Kith and Kin, Myriad Musings, Woman’s Word, Academia Aesthetic and Resonant Realities; and the ‘Readers’ Reflections’. Each section encapsulates a different aspect of life. In a middle entitled ‘Scribbler’s Straits between Pen and Paper’, which was originally published in Daily World in 2020, Kumar confidingly writes, “The scribbler in me gets traumatized by the loss of ideas in the whirlpool of logic and diction. And instantaneously comes the realisation. Why I am getting entrapped in the pulls and pressures of logic? Writing is an artistic and aesthetic task, flow of emotions and expressions of a thoughtful and tranquil mind.” An associate professor and the Head of Department of the Post Graduate Department of English at the Mukand Lal National College in Yamunanagar, Kumar shares, “My write-ups are my minute observations of life experiences. It is an expression of my thoughts, which exposes the various facets of life; thereby filling my pot of learning with sublime sensibility, exalted experiences, and emotional enthusiasm.” A voracious writer, she has contributed more than two-hundred middles in several newspapers and magazines, like Hindustan Times, Daily Post, Deccan Herald and Women’s Era. In her writings, she often dwells upon contemporary complexities and social subtleties. As many as thirty research papers by Kumar have been published in various national and international journals and anthologies. When asked about her journey as a writer, she recal ls, “My son moved to another city to pursue his higher studies in 2010. That is when I found myself drawn towards writing. When time would hang heavy, I would sit down in solitude, and scribble. And in those moments, it would come to me naturally. As an avid reader, I started to pen letters for different newspapers. I began to receive compliments from colleagues. And that prompted me to go a step further and start writing critical reviews and middles.” She, however, insists that her flair for writing is innate. “My mother used to write for newspapers too. I feel that I have inherited this knack for writing. It runs in my blood,” she shares, before hastening to add, “Writing is therapeutic. I write every single day. And frankly, if I don’t write, I feel incomplete.” Mails pour in thick and fast from the readers who relish her writings. “I have been bombarded with hundreds of mails by readers from some far-flung corners of the world. This is what keeps me going.” Source:  indianexpress 

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