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Ashutosh Rana promotes his upcoming book at “Vishwa Rang” literature festival

Ashutosh Rana promotes his upcoming book at “Vishwa Rang” literature festival
on Nov 11, 2019
Ashutosh Rana promotes his upcoming book at “Vishwa Rang” literature festival
Tagore International Literature and Arts Festival ‘Vishwa Rang’ just got wrapped up with the key speaker actor turned writer, “Ashutosh Rana”. The event was held at Minto Hall, Bhopal. It started on 7th November and came to an end on 10th November. One of the finest gems of our Bollywood industry, Ashutosh Rana talked about his favorite genre “satire”. His dark and brutal on-screen characters may have painted as the dangerous villain in the mind of the audience, but his favorite genre is the opposite of the audience’s thoughts. His recent book “Maun Muskan Ki Maar” consists of 27 satires. He said, “It is only through satire that you can talk about the deformed part of the society in a manner that people get to know the real truth without feeling bad or anything”. Rana also narrated his funny childhood story and the lesson of not being “blunt in criticism” taught by his father, which also was the inspiration behind his book he said that was when he first picked the real meaning and importance of satire. He underscored that humor and satire are two different things. When one understands things externally, he laughs loudly which you say is 'humor', however, when one understands things internally there is a subtle smile on his face. This is what you call 'satire', he explained. He will be releasing his next book “Ram Rajya” on the festival of “Makar Sakranti”, 15th January 2020. He explained, “There is a difference between Rajya and Raj. Where Raj means giving importance to an individual, Rajya means giving importance to arrangements for the well-being of people. So, Ram wanted to form rajya -- not raj -- something that would work for the betterment and welfare of the society with or without the individual. This and more are what I try to tell through my upcoming book” As the boy from Madhya Pradesh, Ashutosh Rana described Madhya Pradesh as “cultural center” and Bhopal as India's cultural capital. The 51-year-old actor, who is born and brought up in MP, said that having a literature festival like 'Vishwa Rang' in the city is a step taken in the right direction. He also added, “It is the audience that makes an event successful. Now seeing such a huge crowd present here for the event, that too for its first edition, proves my saying right that the people of MP are literary inclined and thinking individuals. Also, this is the reason I think that festivals like these are of utter importance for the state”. The event was organized by the Tagore International Center for Arts and Culture. It aims to promote literature in Hindi and other Indian languages. It also featured over 500 national and international authors and artists.

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