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A Publisher bought by Penguin Extends into China

Explore Callisto China, a dynamic collaboration between Penguin Random House and Sourcebooks, bringing diverse nonfiction titles to the vibrant Chinese book market.
on Dec 06, 2023
A Publisher bought by Penguin Extends into China | Frontlist

Penguin Random House North Asia and Sourcebooks established Callisto China, a new publishing business targeted to the Chinese book market, in late November.

This comes on the heels of the sale of Callisto Media's publishing assets in a Sourcebooks-led, Penguin Random House-funded deal in May.

Callisto, which was founded in 2011, is known for data-driven publication that mixes big data and technology. It includes a large selection of nonfiction titles, including workbooks, cook books, and books about health and wellness, relationships, and personal growth. They are thought to have international appeal.

"This collaborative publishing partnership for Callisto China is an unprecedented opportunity for the Callisto publishing programme to reach new readers of all ages in China, expanding the brand globally for the first time," said Talia Platz, Callisto Publishing's editorial director and one of the company's first employees.

Penguin Random House, an international publisher that opened its China office in 2005, is well-versed in the publishing industry and market trends in China. It employs a local editing team that works with authors, agencies, and domestic publishing partners to create high-quality bestsellers.

"As we forge our partnership, we tap into the vibrant pulse of China's market, where demand for children's nonfiction and educational books is expanding rapidly," Azia Cheng Yilin, CEO of Penguin Random House North Asia, stated.

Callisto China will publish in Chinese a selection of Callisto's front and backlist titles. It will also provide personalised service in fields such as STEM, history, biography, and reference books to adapt to readers' preferences and habits.

"This relationship is more than just a commercial meeting. It is a commitment to the development and illumination of young minds. "Our entry into this market with a robust catalogue of children's titles is a response to the growing emphasis in early education on holistic development — mental, physical, and emotional," said Cheng.

"We are equally committed to the adult segment, recognising the growing interest in self-care and lifelong learning among Chinese adults."

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