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A Death in the Himalayas: A Neville Wadia Mystery

A Death in the Himalayas: A Neville Wadia Mystery
on Nov 21, 2019
A Death in the Himalayas: A Neville Wadia Mystery
A Britain born environmentalist/writer/activist, Clare Watson, found dead in the woods of her small village In the small town, people were mourning for her, but some people also thought that she was inviting trouble by herself. India jumps into headlines once again as a country that is unsafe for women. This death leaves questions like why would she venture into the dark forest after sundown knowing it fully well as leopard habitat? Why would anyone kill a well-meaning foreigner like Clare Watson in a quiet neighborhood in the foothills of the Himalayas? Neville Wadia, a former detective who has retired to the hills with his wife Shehnaz lives in the same town. though unwillingly but naturally has to lead the investigation the police are seemingly untrained to handle – this being the hills and the death is that of an ex-pat. Author and former journalist and television anchor Udayan Mukherjee serves an enjoyable piece of the murder mystery. And in the end, it final reveals a twisted twist related to the little details already told by the author in the ongoing story.

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