• Thursday, October 06, 2022

A 12-year-old girl from Orlando releases a new colouring book for Black History Month

on Feb 09, 2022

A girl named Lauryn Jones from Orlando releases her second colouring book for Black History Month. The book is her second release in her series “Black, Brown and Beautiful”. She revealed that “Glow Up”, her second book, features new digital art of Black and Brown girls, as well as new activity pages. 

“One is talking about the Atlantic slave trade — this one right here — and one is an affirmation page where you can write your own affirmations,” Jones explained. She chose to release the book during Black History Month. 

Jones revealed about herself that she first began practicing affirmations at home after her struggles because of being bullied at school, her self-confidence was diminishing. Now she’s sharing her experience with other girls on how to get positive results from affirmations through her art. “I hope their confidence is raised from my book because affirmations have definitely influenced my life very positively,” she said. “This is the new generation, this is the future. And I believe the future, kids now, they’re very inspiring. They can even inspire adults to start doing things.”
“So many Black people and so many Black activists have fought for their freedom and their people’s freedom and that’s very important to learn about,” she added.

She’s recently been invited to speak to students in two different Osceola County schools and is also donating books to local schools.

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